Covid-19 and Africa :

Heritage medicines and knowledge

in the CLAS H of history …

Manifesto for

structurally deconfining Africa

by the Executive Secretary of CERDOTOLA
Prof. Charles BINAM BIKOI


November 2020


“And the old Europe progressively cadavers itself…” And with it, before the bewildered eyes of the Community of the non-powerful ghettoised in the “third” and “quarter” worlds, the presumption of absolute control over the order of things, over matter and time, crumbles.

The world division of labour and its pyramidal architecture imposed upon the conscience of the beings that dwell on the planet Earth are inexorably fading away.

The power of the Mighty, the haughtiness of conquistadors, the arrogance of the descendants of the “great explorers” are crumbling, falling apart and collapsing like so many houses of cards.

Yes, “Things are falling apart”3 … A world of certainties and stereotypes, a mystifying construction of instances of confinement or exclusion. A world where the Just, the Beautiful, the True, emptied of their diversity, confiscated by an oligarchy, have for centuries been subjected and are groaning under the yoke of a univocal, unique and inevitably iniquitous outlook: Globalisation.

2020! Six hundred years of history are thus toppled: away with “civilisations” …!

Civilisation, a patient accumulation of the most spectacular technological advances, the most complex knowledge, the rarest riches, the most sophisticated and threatening weapons… 2020! And suddenly, the civilisations… display their laughable fragility, reminding themselves of their inescapable “mortality”.


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